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“It sounds like machine guns are hitting my roof… Three windows just shattered, I hear the glass hitting the floor.  The power is out, I need to find a flashlight… The storm is upon me and the damage is real.   I am glad no one was hurt, it’s time to rebuild.
At Quantum Builders, we understand the damage may be more than just the broken items on and around your home.  We have helped 1000’s of homeowners put their property back to better than before condition.  Our goal is to take the complexities of dealing with a storm related loss off your hands.
Quantum Builders, an insurance restoration roofing contractor, has the knowledge and the professionals to handle the entire claims process.  All insurance companies and adjusters are NOT created equal, leaving you the homeowner hoping you will be taken care of but often you are fed to the wolves.  It’s not that the insurance company or your adjuster has a personal vendetta against you, it’s the undertrained and/or undermanned insurance company trying to handle tens of thousands of customers in a timely manner. 
Here’s how we can help.  Quantum Builders has in house licensed adjusters, fully trained field specialists and an entire staff with extensive experience working insurance claims every day waiting to help you.    We have invested in insurance estimating software, in house satellite measurement technology and a custom built sales to project completion software enhancing job flow and customer satisfaction.  We will keep you informed and will always do due diligence in getting you a fair settlement.
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