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AttiCat® FiberglasTM Insulation has many Green qualities also. In the world today, more and more businesses and industries are going green and trying to do their part to conserve the environment. Atticat® helps conserve natural resources by using widely available and plentiful resources such as sand and recycled glass in its manufacturing process. As mentioned before, it saves you 20% or more on energy bills which means you use less energy created from fossil fuels. When it comes to distribution, the compression packaging means more insulation can be shipped per truckload resulting in 25% fewer transportation miles and reducing pollution from truck emissions. Finally, it can take three times as much of another blown-in insulation to achieve the same R-value as AttiCat®.

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Duration Premium Cool Series

New technology now allows you to reflect solar energy from the rooftop using Owens Corning Duration Premium Cool Series shingles. Utilizing a new, highly reflective granule that bounces back the sun’s rays, the Duration Cool shingles help keep roofs cooler, resulting in a more comfortable living space below. They act as an outside radiant barrier that keeps your attic cooler resulting in lower carbon dioxide emissions and more energy saving for you. These energy efficient shingles are designed f

for long lasting performance, with a Limited Lifetime Warranty, 130 MPH Wind Resistance Limited Warranty and a 10 yr Algae Resistant Warranty. 

GREEN STATEMENT- Owens Corning Duration Premium Cool Series shingles can help you do your part in conserving the environment. They possess many Green qualities if you are looking to Go Green. First and most importantly, they can help reduce your energy bills when installed correctly and they reflect solar energy which in turn decreases the transmission of heat into the attic. This reduces the amount of heating or air conditioning it takes to heat or cool your house.

Timberline® Cool Series

Energy Saving Shingles
Now get potential energy savings (and even tax credits) when you install GAF Timberline® Cool Series Shingles.
Thanks to modern reflective technology, you can join the green revolution with Cool Series roofing shingles. Our highly reflective shingles can help to reduce temperatures in your attic, so your home will stay cooler in the summer - to save on air conditioning costs.
Simply put, our Cool Series shingles use specially-designed roofing granules that have greater reflectance than traditional shingles. The result is, it minimizes the transfer of heat to the space below - to keep you cooler in the summer.
Not only that, Timberline® Cool Series shingles are made with the patented StainGuard® algae protection to assure the beauty of your roof against unsightly blue-green algae!

Master Flow® Green MachineTM Solar-Powered Roof Exhaust Vent
Master Flow® Green MachineTM solar-powered roof exhaust vents are a key part of the GAF Smart Choice® Roof System Solution, and have even earned the prestigious Good Housekeeping Seal.





James Hardie® products are rare in that they combine beauty and durability and also are considered "Green and Sustainable" by industry professionals.

  • Wood Substitute
  • Hardi Backer - Moisture Resistant and Moldlock
  • Uses natural raw materials (wood pulp, cement, sand and water)
  • Low toxicity, better for environment
  • Lasts longer than other products
  • Local materials and resources
  • 10 manufacturing plants across US to reduce the environmental impact of transporting materials to the vendors
  • Allow for air circulation and doesn’t inhibit drainage
  • Low maintenance


CertainTeed brings fiber cement siding that you can choose with confidence, install with pride and experience in comfort.

Understanding the role of CertainTeed Fiber Cement Siding in meeting Green Building Standards

CertainTeed WeatherBoards™ Fiber Cement contributes to LEED and NAHB credits for recycled content.

Reduces Landfill Waste
By incorporating recycled content into its Fiber Cement formula, CertainTeed diverts it from landfills.

Forest Conservation
Wherever possible, CertainTeed works with the global marketplace to source and secure pulp from sustainably managed forests.

Raw Materials Close to Home
CertainTeed sources as many of our raw materials as possible from within 500 miles of our plants, reducing the impact of transportation and related greenhouse gases.

Water Conservation
CertainTeed’s manufacturing facilities recycle the water used in our plants, saving billions of gallons each year.

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